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How to Choose the Right Mattress

Are you on the search for a new mattress? If so, chances are, you are potentially being bombarded and overwhelmed with information and brands. That’s why today’s blog at Hennick’s Furniture & Sleep Center in Bandon is all about helping you find the right mattress in a simple, unbiased way. Keep reading to learn more and if you want more help choosing the right mattress for you, stop by our home furniture store and we’ll help you find the perfect mattress for you!

Side Sleepers

The side sleeping position is the most common position that people choose to sleep in. For side sleepers, you’ll likely be most comfortable with a softer, more plush mattress. This is because softer mattresses will relieve pressure from your shoulders and hips and support property spinal alignment whereas a firmer mattress will ultimately leave you with sorer hips and shoulders. It’s also worth noting that side sleepers benefit greatly from a pillow design for side sleeping since these types of pillows also promote an aligned spine.

Ideal Firmness: Soft to Medium

Back Sleepers

Believe it or not, back sleepers are fairly few and far between. But, if you happen to be one of those rare few, you’ll likely find a firmer mattress more comfortable. This is because softer, more plush mattresses from home furniture stores don’t provide you the support you need to keep your spine aligned whilst on your back. When back sleeping is your sleep position of choice, be on the lookout for home furniture store mattresses on the firmer side that properly support your lower back.

Ideal Firmness: Medium to Firm

Stomach Sleepers

The stomach sleeping position is prone to the most health problems and is not ideal for long-term health. That being said, if you are a dedicated stomach sleeper and won’t be told what to do by a home furniture store, then you will find the most comfort in a firm mattress. Firm mattresses provide stomach sleepers with the greatest odds of maintaining spinal alignment and waking up refreshed and ready to go. Softer, more plush mattresses will often lead to stomach sleepers waking up in pain and stiff where their spine was not properly supported/aligned.

Ideal Firmness: Firm

Combo Sleepers

Combo sleepers are those who frequently switch between sleeping on their side, back, stomach, or any combination of the three. With the right mattress, tossing and turning can be reduced. But, tried and true combo sleepers will switch sleeping positions regularly no matter how comfortable they are. Mattresses that support as many sleeping positions as possible are ideal for combo sleepers. This means picking up a mattress from your local home furniture store with medium to medium-firm firmness. While it won’t provide perfect comfort for all combo sleepers, it will provide the most comfort for most sleeping positions.

Ideal Firmness: Medium to Medium-Firm


We’ve mentioned a few times that the key to the right mattress is properly supporting your body and aligning your spine. Along those same lines, individual weight plays a major factor in which mattresses you will and won’t find comfortable. Hennick’s Furniture & Sleep Center in Bandon recommends stopping in and laying on a few yourself to figure out what you find most comfortable. But, in general, taller heavier set folks will find firmer beds provide them the support they need more so than softer beds. Conversely, if you are on the smaller side, you will likely find more comfort in a softer, more plush mattress.

Ideal Firmness for 225 lbs. and up: Medium-Firm to Firm

Ideal Firmness for 130 to 225 lbs.: Medium

Ideal Firmness for 130 lbs. and under: Soft to Medium


Last but certainly not least, the size of the mattress plays a major role when choosing the right mattress for you. Mattresses come in multiple sizes: twin, full, queen, and king. While there are some other sizes you’ll see from time to time, these are the most common. Choosing the right size will depend on a variety of factors such as your height and whether or not you sleep in the same bed as a partner.

Find the Right Mattress for You at Hennick’s Furniture & Sleep Center in Bandon

Thanks for checking out today’s blog at our home furniture store, Hennick’s Furniture & Sleep Center in Bandon! Hopefully, you are more knowledgeable and prepared to make your mattress decision. As always, if you need any help finding the right mattress or coastal furniture for you, don’t hesitate to stop by and work with one of our friendly associates.