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It's All About The Mix

This year, home design is going to be all about "the mix" - blending eras and aesthetics.  Using furniture and decor from different decades and styles, collected items from your personal history will create a truly authentic space that will never go out of style.  It's comfort that we're all craving, and not just the furniture itself needs to be comfortable, it's that your space needs to provide the comforting sense of permanence.

When mixing styles, avoid grouping them together.  You don't want to place all your antiques on one shelf.  Spread them out around the room, mixing the old with the new.  And don't only vary styles, but textures as well.

Make simple swaps.  It makes it easy to swap out items as you decide on something new and you can avoid having to start over each time your preferences change. This can create a much richer, layered look.

Mixing in vintage or refurbished items with new decor is a great way to create a charming home.  Old pieces give new life when mixed in with current finds.

Not all decades speak to each other.  If there is a piece that doesn't fit in with the rest of your space, try mixing it in without being the focal point of the room.  Layer it with other decor or put it in the corner.

Just remember...a home should be a collection of things you love and find meaningful, not a catalog of coordinated furniture.

Have fun!
God Bless~