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Dining Sets to Help You Enjoy Eating Outside This Summer

One of the best perks of the warm summer season is enjoying any sort of meal outside! Taking in the warm, fresh air, and the overall calming environment is a perfect match when it comes to talking with loved ones and enjoying breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Hennick's Furniture & Sleep Center is here to help you soak up every bit of sunshine with our vast collection of stylish patio furniture and outdoor dining sets. Take a look at some of our categories to get your outdoor and patio ideas flowing and to spark some summer outdoor inspiration to create the perfect summer eating space!

Large, Cushioned Lounge Sets

If you envision hosting larger groups of people frequently over the summer, then you need patio furniture that is both comfortable and can seat several individuals. At Hennick's Furniture & Sleep Center, our collection of outdoor dining sets includes a few different sectional lounge sets that allow you to lounge and chill while enjoying the hot afternoons and warm evenings. Start gathering summer outdoor inspiration with our Beachcroft Beige, Amora Charcoal Gray, and Elite Park Gray multi-piece patio furniture sets and enjoy everything from cocktails to full dinners outside. 

Small, Minimalist Patio Furniture

Our outdoor patio furniture store near Bandon, Oregon is dedicated to helping you find the perfect dining set by providing a large collection of outdoor and patio ideas. One popular category is the more minimalist but still comfortable loveseat/chair/and table set, which has all the cushioned support of our larger lounge sets but takes up a little less space. If you’re looking for summer outdoor inspiration to host small family dinners or intimate date nights outside, browse through our Zariyah Dark Brown, Lainey Two-Tone Gray, and Barn Cove Brown sets.

Colorful Conversational Patio Furniture Sets

Hennick's Furniture & Sleep Center is all about helping individual homeowners, couples, and families of any size transform their outdoor living spaces into true summer hot spots. Our furniture store near Bandon, Oregon has the perfect colorful, casual Conversation patio furniture sets to pair with a gorgeous firepit and beautiful warm weather outfits. Start your search for outdoor and patio ideas with the different turquoise, blue, and grayish brown Sundown Treasure three-piece and five-piece sets. These pieces of patio furniture are perfect for drawing in the bold, bright colors of summer while also capturing the same energy as the Eisely Dining Set with Barstools.

Swivel Lounge Chairs

Your summer outdoor inspiration for dining sets may involve individual chairs as opposed to communal sofa space — but Hennick's Furniture & Sleep Center can help you no matter what! Our furniture store near Bandon, Oregon carries Conversational Sets with individual chairs that are just as luxurious and comfortable as our larger cushioned lounge sets. If your outdoor and patio ideas tend to involve more neutral colors, check out our Paradise Trail Medium Brown Swivel Chairs to have beautiful audio furniture in your front or back yard.  

Choose Hennick's Furniture & Sleep Center For Your Patio Furniture

Now is the time to decorate your outdoor living space, making it a comfortable, beautiful place to eat any meal of the day. Whether you’re in need of some summer outdoor inspiration or already have some outdoor and patio ideas, Hennick's Furniture & Sleep Center is here for you! Visit our outdoor patio furniture store near Bandon, Oregon, or shop yourself online!