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Sofa Buying Guide: How To Choose the Style for You

Choosing a sofa is an integral part of furnishing your home. Picking the right one is vital to the feel of whatever room you may be filling! At Hennick’s Furniture & Sleep Center, we have an incredible selection with tons of different styles for you to choose from. Here are our tips for picking the right style for your home! Check out our online store or come into our showroom today to check out our collection of furniture.



Consider Your Lifestyle

The first thing you need to consider when picking out a sofa is your lifestyle. Whether you have kids, dogs, both, or none. Whether this sofa is going to host lots of people every week for casual get-togethers or if it's going to host high-class dinner parties. Considering these things will influence how big, durable, and expensive your ideal couch will be! It may also influence your choice on type—a sectional or sofa.

Find Your Color

You can’t just pick any couch color and hope it works. Your couch is going to be the focal point of any room, so it should compliment the rest of the room! If you have white walls, wooden furniture, or modern accent pieces, your couch color will likely change based on those things and other aspects of your room!

Always Measure

One of the biggest mistakes we see in our furniture store in Bandon is people forgetting to measure. There is nothing more frustrating than buying a couch or sectional and getting it delivered, only to realize it’s way too big or way too small. If you are going to buy a sofa or sectional, make sure it fits in your home.

Consider the Shape of The Room

The last thing we advise people to consider is the shape of your room. Do you want the sectional facing the TV? Maybe you want two couches facing each other. Does the room you are updating have 90° or obtuse corners? These things will all influence the style of couch you buy!

Whether you are picking out a sofa or sectional in Bandon, we have something that fits your home and brings out your style. Once you have found your style, come on into Hennick’s Furniture & Sleep Center so we can help you find the couch of your dreams!