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Tips for Decorating Your House for Fall

A coffee table and couch decorated with orange accents for fall.

If you are excited to welcome fall into your home, but can’t decide how to match the autumn tones with your house’s coastal décor, Hennick’s Furniture has compiled the perfect guide for you. These tips will spruce up your living space and make it fall-ready before Thanksgiving! Visit Hennick’s furniture or browse our fall-bulous inventory.

A white and blue room with coral accents.

Explore Your Coastal Décor Style

Before you try to make the most out of your living space, you need to figure out your signature style. Coastal décor generally falls into two categories: the darker, more rustic theme or a vibrant theme with plenty of lighter tones. The easiest way to discern between the two is by looking at your furniture, curtains, and floor design. Once you have a better idea of your style, you can start incorporating your fall decor.
Fall decor on a mantle with the sign “Hello Fall.”

Spicing it Up With Fall Classics

Fall décor is all about adorning your space with warm, earthy tones. The right colored rug can go a long way to change the look of your living room and give it a cozy feel perfect for the colder months ahead. For dark wood floors, you can count on rugs colored classic brown or orange, both of which are perfect for fall. And for paler-toned floors, you can lay a dark green rug inspired by the pine forests to make your space more rustic.
Cozy up the couch by investing in one of our chunky throws and fall-themed cushions before entertaining your next thanksgiving dinner and make delightful memories with your friends and family for the years to come.
A front porch with a pot of mums and a welcome mat.

Lighting Up Your House

No fall coastal décor is complete without washing your space in the warm auburn glow of our wide selection of lights and lamps that’ll have you reminiscing about pumpkin patches and cozy autumn nights curled up inside. 

Choose a lamp that will cast a golden light in your living room and kitchen. It is sure to be a delight whether you’re baking a pumpkin pie or curling up with a mug of cocoa in your living room. And if you’re feeling festive, why not hang plenty of pendant lights to instantly give your house a cozy, yet chic fall look?


Visit Hennick’s Furniture to start exploring your options before fall is over!