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Coastal Inspired Living Rooms

Today's coastal vibe is about the use of natural materials and nature-inspired colors to define the style.  While shades of blue, teal and green are still prominent in coastal themes, there is a natural element in textures and colors that can be added and work just as well. 

Dark blues compliment ivory upholstery and the added wood accents cause the eye to flow from the floor to ceiling in an easy, natural feel.

Here is another example of using the dark blue, but only in the accents and not the furniture.  This living area incorporated some metal in the coffee table and dark espresso wood in the accent chair. 

A lot of coastal is eclectic, mixing textures and styles with that laid-back feeling that coastal living brings to mind.  Strive for comfy/cozy with a little elegance thrown in.  Or open and airy as in the next photo.

This living room incorporates more greys with just a touch of blues.  The water out the windows does the rest!

Now don't be afraid to get a little crazy with some colors like reds and yellows.  Even mood lighting makes a big difference.

If the darker blues aren't your thing, you can use dark and light teals and some greens to create your space.

Finally, don't forget the Rattan.  Always a plus for beach living.  It speaks of seagrass, nature and casual spaces.

Now, we all have things we've collected over the years.  Home decor that we just enjoy looking at or has sentimental value.  Whatever you're living style, always work around your most beloved accents.